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Studio Canek is a small multimedia company exploring new ways to use digital media in journalism and education, with a focus on parts of the world that don't always get a lot of either. We're always looking for new collaborations that excite and inform!


halifaxacademy_screenshot Halifax Academy We built an online learning platform with interactive ESL lessons that capture the excitement and friendliness of in-person classes. VISIT

DSCF5853 Exciting Science We bring science, technology and coding to life through in-person and online learning experiences for children. VISIT

pbl_thumb Pwoteksyon Bo Lanme We're teaming up with Haiti Climat to produce an online course about coastal resilience for local journalists. VISIT

radioaccion RadioAcción We delivered exciting, hands-on radio production workshops in Mexico, aimed at community-run and local news outlets. COMING SOON

Screenshot from 2022-11-24 12-39-18 Radio Active We are currently taking what we learnt teaching community radio in Mexico to create an online course that simulates the thrill and challenges of working in the field. Check out a demo module. VISIT


dw_thumb The aerosol double whammy Control aerosol emissions on the planet and watch the "double whammy" impact of temperature change and climate sensitivity. VISIT

migrantmap_screenshot The many routes to Mexico Listen to the stories of migrants from Asia and Africa as they cross the perilous Darien Gap, en route to Mexico. Published by Periodistas de a Pie. VISIT

image-nwm1 Neglected Waters Visit Haiti's Trois Baies Marine Protected Area, find out about the native flora and fauna and the growing threats to their ecosystems in this interactive 3D map story. VISIT


lifeofice_screenshot The Life of Ice Learn about the lifespan of ice, from tiny frazil crystals to meters-high pressure ridges, and how that lifespan is getting shorter thanks to climate feedback loops unique to the far north. VISIT

water_thumb A changing water cycle Scientists announced this year that the planetary boundary for freshwater has been crossed. This video offers an animated look at what that means for the water cycle. VISIT

aer_thumb Aerosols and the environment Smog. Dust. Pollen. Smoke. Tiny particles in the air are dangerous for human health, and have a complicated relationship with the climate. VISIT


image-vc Vidas Cruzadas Journalists from five countries collaborated on this podcast about the journey of two young Salvadoran children travelling to the US. Created for Spanish-language community radio stations in Mexico and Central America. VISIT

hu_thumb Haiti Untold Audio stories from Haiti in Creole, French and English: a day in the life of a handicapped Port-a-Prince resident; a field trip with a plastic bottle recycler; insights into Haiti's booming urbanization; trailing a trafficked child to the Dominican Republic and more. VISIT

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pwoteksyonbolanme_wa Studio Canek to co-produce a workshop for Haitian journalists on coastal resilience Studio Canek receives funding to co-produce a workshop for Haitian journalists on coastal resilience VISIT

forensic Using machine learning to find patterns in Mexico's "forensic crisis" We run 30,000 records of unidentified bodies through a natural language processor VISIT

silly The personal e-learning classroom Memories of good times in the classroom led Studio Canek to create our own content authoring software VISIT

St Pre at Le Nouvelliste office Interview: Haiti's environmental reporters What is it like to cover the environment when politics, poverty and football dominate the headlines? We talk to Patrick Saint-Pre, co-founder of the Haiti Climat news agency. VISIT

lakou kajou Interview: Haiti's online classroom Interview with Alexandrine Benjamin, who helps produce the colorful videos teaching Haitian kids everything from science to soccer etiquette. VISIT


Our team

Conrad Fox is an award-winning journalist and producer. He has reported from Mexico, Central America and Haiti, with his work appearing on the CBC, NPR, BBC World Service and other outlets. He is dynamic and creative instructor, and has taught journalism, English, robotics, soccer, physics and anthropology in classrooms, lecture halls, boardrooms, mud huts, playing fields and online. He is also a developer, specialized in Python and the web.

Rosi Rodriguez is a social anthropologist with specializations in education, migration and the environment. She has spent more than 30 years involved in education of children and adults, in formal and informal settings. She was co-founder of the first indigenous-led community development organization in Southern Veracruz, bringing together dozens of communities through workshops, events and educational activities. She is still happiest seated in front of a palapa with a group of neighbours, sharing thoughts and experiences.