Neglected Waters The story of Haiti's coastlines under threat

Haiti's coastlines are its lifeblood. The country has 1700 kilometers of shore, and no one in Haiti lives more than 100 kilometers from the sea. But perhaps because Haitians depend so closely on the coast, that they are in danger. In 2013, the Haitian government began the creation of Marine Protected Areas to stem the destruction. But the ecosystems they protect are fragile, and today, the system in place to protect them is more fragile still.

With editorial support from Studio Canek, the Haiti Climat environmental news agency travelled to two of these Marine Protected Areas, to see how they are doing. These are our stories.




Studio Canek is a multimedia company specialized in interactive maps, animation, web development and machine learning for journalism and education.

Haiti Climat is Haiti's only news agency dedicated to the environment. Their work is featured in Haiti's top outlets including Le Nouvelliste and Magik 9 radio.